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Concrete Steps Toward a Cleaner, Brighter Tomorrow

For the past several years, leaders from China and the US have been building and implementing a comprehensive clean energy cooperation program.  

Where are the best opportunities? What should our top priorities be? And how we can overcome the barriers that have hampered cooperation in the past? These are questions that have been addressed for the past nine years by the Clean Energy Forum. Working groups, made up of experts in energy, finance, law and public policy from both countries, developed 8 initiatives, many of which have already been implemented, designed to transform both countries' energy systems.

The very first initiative was to create a joint clean energy research center, and that initiative was launched with the creation of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) in 2009. Initially focused on Building Energy Efficiency, Clean Vehicles and Advanced Coal technologies, CERC has earned the strong support of both governments. More recently, CERC has been expanded to include consortia focused on the energy-water nexis and how to make big trucks more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

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